Me and my Lockdown Partner

Coivd-19 changed a lot of things around us. Me being a teacher and being around young angels was so used to having social interactions and had to adjust a lot to this new format of life.

We were given the house arrest on Match 10, 2020, i.e. virtual school. It was a new learning experience as I had never done an extended virtual school. The weather was nice and I decided to work outside in my backyard. There are some visitors that come to our backyard everyday and we are quite used to hearing the chrips and sounds of these visitors doves, sparrows, cuckoos and gulls in the winter months. this time it was special as I had a lockdown partner with me. This dove laid eggs in her nest in my backyard and was sitting on the eggs for hatching. It stayed in the nest quietly and patiently waiting for the big day. Usually it taks 14 to 15 days for it’s eggs to hatch and then 14 to 15 days for the baby birds to be able to leave the nest.

Every morning the bird used to stare at me and I used to look back as if we had a connection and were planning about how the day will be and asking about did you have a restful night? The dove’s switch in the night and the mate hatches the eggs at night, so both of us had a restful night. The first week of virtual school was a success and we had tamed the beast of virtual classroom. By the end of second week the anxiety was going to settle down and then I heard the sweet little chirps of the baby doves and saw the happiness in the eyes of the dove. Her ordeal was over but mine is still going on…….

Published by Raazia Ali

A Geophysicist and an educator by profession and a photographer and a writer by choice. Photography is like capturing a time capsule and re-living it again and again. It creates memories full of emotions, love, passion, and nature around you. If you pick a photograph from the past it takes you back in time and you can see how time has shaped us and our surroundings.

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